All riders must understand and acknowledge the conditions associated with participation in the riding school program as outlined in the Terms and Conditions below.

By entering the property at 144A Hibberts Lane, Freemans Reach, you agree to all terms and conditions set out below. Terms and Conditions may change from time to time and will be updated here.

Arrival time is thirty (30) minutes before the start of each lesson to allow for grooming and tacking up – Not applicable for beginners lessons.

The start of each lesson is dependent on the rider’s timely arrival. Lessons will end at the designated time with no exceptions. We cannot delay the commencement of lessons and/or birthday parties or any other activities due to the late arrival of riders.

Riders should allot additional time at the end of each lesson to untack and groom their horses before putting them away; maximum pick up time is 30 minutes after the end of the lesson.

Riders under 14 years old can only stay during lessons and are not allowed to be by themselves in the horses ‘zone
Students are expected to exercise safety at all times in the barn and while riding.

Students are responsible for cleaning ALL tack and neatly returning any tack/supplies to their proper places at the end of each lesson.

Riders must stay calm around the horses and ponies, no running, screaming or ball game is allowed.

The instructor will choose the horse which you ride. There are several reasons a horse will be assigned to you during your lesson, including safety, height and weight of student and competency of the student. Varying the horse that you ride also leads to a better rider.

All lessons must be paid for prior the start of the lesson.

Students are required to wear appropriate attire: boots or riding boots with a proper heel (no snickers are allowed), horse riding pants or similar, including an approved helmet to meet the latest standards.

A level 2 body protector is compulsory for all riders under 18 years old who wish to jump.

Riders can borrow helmets but it is highly recommended for safety to ride with your own and well fitted gear.

Hair must be pulled back into a pony tail and away from the face.

Jewellery, including ear rings and other piercings should not be worn.

Warm/wet weather clothing should be brought according to the season of the year.

We highly recommend you wear sunscreen in the warmer months and bring a drink bottle (Sunscreen is also available at the Tack room).

We suggest all Students/children to be protected against the sun with SPF 30+ sunscreen when exposed to sunlight.

We ask that each family apply SPF 30+ sunscreen to their child prior to their arrival at Tic Toc Equestrian.

For the safety and welfare reasons, Tic Toc has a maximum weight limit of 90kgs.

Tic Toc Equestrian reserves the right to cancel an advance booking in the event that, when a rider arrives on the arranged day he/she is over the weight.

In such a case, if no alternative mount is available, a refund will not be given.

Children must be supervised at all times by a legally responsible person and remain quiet whilst lessons are in progress and not to run around the viewing area.

Parents must not leave their children unattended at any time during their stay at Tic Toc Equestrian.

Parents are welcome to stay and watch therefore you are requested not to talk to riders during the classes please, and not to enter the riding zone.

If parents need to answer/give a phone call, we appreciate that you move further from the riding zone not to disturb the lesson.

While watching, the instructor reserves the right to ask you to leave the riding zone if they feel the safety of the rider or horse/pony is in question.

We have many different warning signs all over the grounds, they are there for a reason, and you must obey them.

We reserve the right to ask you to leave the grounds at any time if we think you are a danger to yourself.

All animals are unpredictable; do not feed the horses and ponies unless pre-arranged with your instructor.

Do not enter any field, box or make contact with a horse or pony at any time, without prior authorisation from a member of management.

Parking is authorised only on designated area, car park on grass is strictly forbidden.

Maximum speed on the premises is 5 km/h.

We cannot be held responsible for any damage to your transportation while on the premises/grounds.

All vehicles are parked on the site are the owner’s risk.

We cannot be held responsible for damage, theft or loss of your personal property while it’s on the premises.

Every effort will be made by Tic Toc Equestrian to give customers an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Instructors reserve the right to refuse to teach a client for any reason.

Lessons and all other riding activities operate in all weather conditions. Only in the event of extreme conditions such as wind storm, torrential rain or extreme heat conditions may cause cancellation of lessons and other riding activities.

Tic Toc Equestrian reserves the right to deliver theory indoors in lieu of riding if it is deemed unsafe to ride.

In the unfortunate event Tic Toc Equestrian decides to cancel lessons, an alternative date will be offered.

If the decision comes from the NSW government, we will follow school closures and no refund or catch up will be offered.

Considerable time goes into planning lessons with instructors and reserving horses for riders, therefore it is the responsibility of the rider to come to lessons and be on time. In the event that Tic Toc cancels a lesson, a make-up lesson will be re-scheduled at the convenience of the rider.

Your lesson time reserves the exclusive use of a school horse; cancellations for any reason must be made at least 48 hours prior to your lesson time.

If you do not cancel a lesson and do not show up for it, it will be considered a “No Show” and you will be charged the full amount of the lesson.

Failure to give 48-hour notice when making a cancellation will result in a “No Show” and you will be charged the full amount of your lesson

Cancellations made with at least 48-hour notice may be rescheduled, subject to availability.

Any lessons cancelled by Tic Toc Equestrian will be rescheduled.

Cancellations must be made via text message to 0437 300 059

Should a student not be coming, please let us know, so your horse is not waiting tacked for hours.

Considerable time goes into planning a birthday party with instructors and reserving ponies for riders.

Cancellations made within 7 days of your scheduled party will forfeit the full amount paid.

Cancellations made with at least 7 days notice but less than 14 days, will forfeit 50% of the amount paid.

Cancellations made with at least 14 days notice, will be fully refunded.

Any party cancelled by Tic Toc Equestrian due to extreme weather will be fully refunded.

Extreme weather: Cyclone, Flooding, Fire.

Cancellations must be made via text message to 0437 300 059

It’s a condition of purchase that:

  • The intended rider has no medical conditions that require doctor’s approval.
  • The intended rider meets our height/weight guidelines
  • The purchaser and intended rider acknowledge and agree to our standard terms and conditions.
  • Vouchers are valid for 6 months.
  • All bookings are subject to availability.

Dogs are not allowed on the property

Tic Toc equestrian acknowledges and respects the privacy of its clients.

Any client information collected by Tic Toc Equestrian is stored safely and is not disclosed to any third parties.

Information collected including email addresses may be used to contact clients with updates in services and marketing correspondence.

Tic Toc Equestrian may also collect information to process your enrollment and assist us to provide the best possible level of care for yourself and/or your children.

The intended recipients of this information is Tic Toc Equestrian, it’s authorised educators and relevant government authorities.

You have the right to access and alter personal information concerning yourself or your child in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and the service’s Confidentiality Policy.

By submitting a testimonial you allow us to use your entry for marketing purposes within the guidelines of our privacy policy. We will not share any personal details, including your last name or any contact details.