Many thanks to all for your interests, Tank had over 15 800 views over the


⚡️⚡️Many thanks to all for your interests, Tank had over 15 800 views over the last 4 days! What a legend!!! It has been a hard decision but Tank will be adopted by a family with 4 kids, we wish them a bright future⚡️⚡️

⚡️⚡️Stay in touch with us as we will have more ponies available in the near future⚡️⚡️

💥💥Most of our riders are moving into bigger ponies, this is a very sad sale but we are looking for a forever home for our little Tanky:💥💥

TT Tank – approx 9’1h – approx 14 years old

TT Tank has been part of our riding school for the last 3 years.
He is beautiful, kind, talented and caring.
No bites or kicks he is a gentleman.

He is forward moving and has plenty of energy.
TT Tank is good on his own and loves leading the groups. He has played mounted games, barrel racing, horse ball and is a talented jumper (up to 80 cm).
Nothing would stop him, and I bet he would win a lot of ribbons into the show ring.

He is great on the lead but would need a more experienced rider on his own as he has plenty of energy and is a fast pony.

He is only for sale as most of our experienced riders are now riding bigger ponies.

Prices: $1320

Please contact Sandra on 0437300059 for more info on this special pony.

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  1. Jess Taylor
    Jess Taylor says:

    Fione Taylor Carissa Taylor Kathy O’Hara I think we may have found Evelyn’s first pony 😍😍

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