Rock has been a very bad or a too smart boy…

Rock has been a very bad or a too smart boy... After one week enjoying the new p

Rock has been a very bad or a too smart boy…😡 After one week enjoying the new place, Rock went for a little overnight marathon, 7 kms and found his way back to Craig’s place!!! How is that even possible? Any tips? 🤷‍♀️ The pic is Rock at Craig’s this morning…..

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  1. TIC TOC Equestrian
    TIC TOC Equestrian says:

    Thank you all for your precious advices 🙏
    Unfortunately, the cats are not allowed in the house. When we moved in, we locked them into the barn but Star (Rock’s brother) found his way out in 2 hours!
    I’ve done the butter on their paws (Thank you Pegi) 🐾 so now I should try the vegemite! 🤣
    They are now locked into the white shed for the night (But I’ll have to find a better solution for hot days!) and Rock will have his harness on for the next few weeks.
    Challenge is on Rock. Fingers crossed!

  2. Helen Baker
    Helen Baker says:

    Whenever I move (and I have heaps of times recently) my household pets are kept confined to the house for at least one to two weeks. . Then they are let out under supervision for some (lengthening) time each day. They then learn that this is their new place and are not overwhelmed by the new sights, sounds etc and attacked by other territorial cats. Otherwise your cat will keep going back to Craig’s and most likely will be killed by dog, get caught in a trap or be run over and you will never know what happened.Lock him up in a room where he can see what is happening, feed him there and keep his kitty litter there.

  3. Tabatha Hunt
    Tabatha Hunt says:

    I’ve moved multiple times and they need to be locked up in the new home for 4 weeks to ‘reset’ their instinctive territorial map.
    Some just don’t adjust 😫

  4. Tara Sproule
    Tara Sproule says:

    Someone told me put butter in there paws. Not sure if that works. We just left ours inside for a few weeks then when we let him outside he stayed

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