Happy Melbourne cup day everyone

Happy Melbourne cup day everyone

🐎 Happy Melbourne cup day everyone 🐎

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  1. Maree Loveday
    Maree Loveday says:

    Very well said Helen the botton line was did the horse win or was it the jockey he had a bottle of water he finished while he and his wife were being interviewed on the win animals come first yes it took the shine off for me knowing that poor horse and his carers were suffering

  2. Helen Baker
    Helen Baker says:

    Not really Sandra. Got news that a very sick long standing client died on Sunday today and hated seeing yet another horse being euthanased while running in the Cup. It seems that most years since the ‘foreign invasion’ one of the overseas horses dies during the Cup. When will the internationals learn to take sufficient care of their horses! I understand why Winx’s team wants them to come to her and why she won’t be taken overseas – too easy mate. Just wondering if the Racing authorities will ever set up some sort of criteria for foreign horses’ fitness to run in the Cup. The race was run in steaming heat between two heavy downpours. The first and second horses were panting after the race. While the connections celebrated, the winning horse was almost forgotten. It had to stand around in the mounting yard while all the hullabaloo went on oblivious to it. I caught a glimpse of someone running to the poor horse with a bucket of water and a sponge trying to cool it down. Eventually a rug was thrown on it and it was led away. Not a thing that Darren Weir or Chris Waller would allow to happen, I’m sure. Just feeling flat and disappointed today.

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