We believe it’s important for all riders to learn the A to Z around the horses. We teach all of our students to be responsible around the horses or ponies. They are responsible to groom them, pick their feet, as well as tack their horses properly.

With our european background, our lessons are structured around a strict program to allow our riders to keep improving on the different fields and topics at each lesson.
We will not lunge you, from day one, we teach our students to be independent and manage the control of the speed and steering.
We not only adapt the horses or ponies to you, but also our pedagogy and goals are taylored to each rider. We work closely with each individual to achieme their own goals with confidence.

Wear comfortable clothes, leggings and track pants are acceptable to start.

Boots are highly recommended.

Horses can be unpredictable. A staff member will instruct you on leading your horse to and from the lessons.

  • Always wear safety clothes around horses including your helmet
  • No sudden noise or screaming as they will get scared
  • Do not walk around the back of a horse, unless supervised, as they can kick
  • When leading your horse keep it well away from any other horses – especially at the back end of other horses
  • Ensure your tack and equipment is not dragging on the ground so that the horse cannot stand on it
  • Do not wrap leads and reins around your hands
  • If in doubt ask your instructor

For the safety and welfare reasons, Tic Toc has a maximum weight limit of 90kgs.

Minimum age is 3 years.

Yes. Our horses and ponies love apples and carrots.

Please ask your instructor to assist you before feeding the horses.

No. A horse will be provided for you. Our horses are professionally trained for every level and age of rider.

Contact us if you would like to ride your own horse.

Generally riders prefer their own helmets.

We do supply Equestrian Australia approved and tagged helmets for our rider if needed.

We provide approved helmets from size 52 to 60.

We recommend you consider purchasing your own helmet after your first few lessons.

We provide all required tack.

Yes. While it’s not required, you are welcome to bring your own horse. Please contact us to discuss prior to your lesson.

We will tailor a suitable program for you and your horse to improve your skills and horsemanship up to the highest level.

Group lessons of 3 or more riders are 60 minutes.

Group lessons of 1 or 2 riders are 45 minutes.

Private lessons are 45 minutes.

Please arrive 30 mins prior to your scheduled lesson time to prepare your horse, and allow 20 mins after your scheduled lesson to untack, groom and help your horse back to their paddock.

Learn more about our riding school here.

Please contact us to get started.

Not necessarily. While we aim to adapt our horses to your specific needs, you may from time to time ride various different horses.

If you prefer to ride the same horse each lesson, we have leasing options available that guarantee you can ride the same horse every time.

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time of your lesson.

Please also allow 20 mins time after your lesson to untack, groom and help your horse back to their paddock.


Sure. We ask that all guests abide by the Tic Toc Policies. Children under age 9 must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult.

No. We do not currently offer trail rides to the public.

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