A few years ago, I was riding race horses... My favourite by far was Togha, Cori

A few years ago, I was riding race horses… My favourite by far was Togha, Coriolanus. His canter was amazing… To jump fences, not to win races!
I remember meeting Charlotte Inglis and Olivia over a lovely breakfast cooked by Wade and Doreen Slinkard at Windermere farm.
Olivia fell in love with Togha at first sight and what an amazing bond they built over the years. Olivia was always very proud to tell me all about Togha, where they were up to, and how amazing he was… They were.
I've witness such an achievement, from a race horse up to a 2**eventer, from a very young lady to an amazing woman, an inspiration for many.
Thank You charlotte and Olivia for this invaluable friendship.

Rest in Peace Olivia and Coriolanus.
Fly high, fly free and gallop fast in heaven.

All my thoughts are going to Charlotte, Arthur, Antoinette and Alexandra.


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